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The blood platelet incubator is widely used to store blood platelets, biological reagents and chemical products. They are used by hospitals, blood banks, research institutes, laboratories and universities.

Key Features:

  • High accuracy sensor
  • Microprocessor control with inner temperature controlled at 22°C ±2°C
  • Efficient refrigeration system with controlled fan and forced cycle mechanism ensures temperature consistency inside the cabinet
  • Large digital display for easier observation
  • Disinfection by UV light that shuts off automatically when door is opened to prevent harm to human body
  • Double insulated glass door makes observation easy
  • High quality oscillation slide rail for longevity as well as low noise

Safety Control System:

  • Alarm mode monitors ambient temperature and system state to ensure safety and reliability of storage conditions.
  • High/Low temperature alarm, thermostat malfunction alarm, power failure alarm in 72 hours, battery back-up malfunction alarm and door ajar alarm
  • Audio and visual alarm

Shelves: 5

Exterior Dimensions (W*D*H/mm): 522*600*1050

Interior Dimensions (W*D*H/mm): 427*360*467

Net Weight: 60kg

Power (W): 197W

Temp Range (°C): 20 ~ 24°C

Optional Accessories: Test Hole, Temp Recorder, Remote Alarm Monitoring System