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IC 25 B

Highly relevant for commercial outlets where space is at a premium, this self contained Trufrost Ice Machine produces bullet shaped ice cubes and presents a good option for bars, coffee shops and restaurants and can also be used for undercounter applications. Just connect your ice-maker to a purified water inlet, turn the machine on, and you can begin to enjoy perfect ice within minutes. Designed to automatically turn off when the storage bin is full, it ensures a high level of energy efficiency.

  • Insulated ice storage bin and door minimize air condensation and water formation.


Model: IC-25B

Rated Capacity / 24 hrs.*: 25 kgs.

Ice Storage Capacity: 15 kgs.

Cube Shape / Size: Bullet / Ø 28*39 mm

Refrigerant: R404a

Power (W): 300

Dimensions wxdxh (in mm): 375*575*762