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Designed to store vaccines, blood plasma, biological materials and  ideal for use in electronic and chemical laboratories, epidemic prevention centres, hospitals, animal husbandry, blood banks and research institutes, these products are suitable for low temperature experiments of electronic components, storage of blood plasma, biological materials, vaccines etc.

Key Features of Low Temp Chest Freezers:

  • Unique refrigeration system ensures faster cooling and better stability
  • Energy efficient and environment friendly R 290 refrigerant
  • Lock for safety

Safety Control System:

  • Multiple alarm for high/low temperature & sensor malfunction
  • Password protected lockable keyboard
  • Micro-computer based temperature control system
  • ensures high precision and uniform cooling

Volume: 400L

Exterior Dimensions (W*D*H/mm): 1304*670*830

Temp Range (°C): ≤-18°C

Compressor/s: 1

Optional Accessories: Temp Recorder, Basket, Wheels/Castor