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UBC-150 (Under Counter Beer Coolers)

Our cooling systems hold beer at a constant temperature from
keg to glass and prevent any increase in beer temperature between the cooler and the faucet that can lead to dispensing problems such as foaming. The drinks are carried – via thermally insulated plastic tubes – from the external environment to the dispensing tower. The insulating tube (known as the “python”)and the dispensing tower are not included with the machine.You have the option of choosing between countertop coolers, undercounter coolers.

Under Counter Beer Coolers

Dispensing Capacity (L): 150

Water Tank (Litres): 55

Dimension w x d x h (mm): 480x490x720

Temperature Range: 3~7°C

Power (w): 410

Compressor Power (Hp): 1/3

Ice bank (kg): 24~26

Pumping Capacity (L/H): 780

Water Pump Head (m): 6.5

Net Weight: 42~46

Refrigerant: R134a

Customer Care: +91-7303166766