Baking with the iCombi Pro.

Making the extraordinary possible.

Feels revolutionary.

It is.

A variety of sweets, hearty treats and small sides. The vast variety of bakery products is now a part of everyday life. Bread rolls, farmhouse bread, pizza and quiche, you can also make chocolate cake and cookies. Can’t manage it? Of course you can. With a unit that is intelligent, easy to use and efficient, for example. Which can cook and bake. Which combines 45 years of baking experience and innovation. Which takes work off your hands and gives you creative freedom. It also lets you bake like a baker.

It makes sense. When your customers experience the same quality products, as if they have bought them from the bakers.

The iCombi Pro.

Expect the unexpected.

Humidity, air speed, temperature and steam injection. Carefully coordinated. In a unit that thinks with you, learns from you, forgets nothing, adjusts and adapts. Thanks to its intelligence assistant functions, it responds to all changing requirements dynamically. Do you require humidity regulation for the dough? Is the product frozen? Has the cooking cabinet door been open too long? Do you want to bake more croissants than usual? The iCombi Pro never loses sight of the desired result and adjusts the settings independently.

Everything for the one goal: So you can keep on impressing your customers with outstanding baked goods.

Savoury specialities.

The yearning for something good.

Bread and bread rolls are not only side dishes but also a statement. They also require different baking methods to cakes and pastries. For crispy crusts, individual pores and a soft dough. Excellent even for pizza and quiche. Also adding value for your baked goods, including profit, productivity and variety. Provided that the results are always good, regardless of who is preparing the food in the kitchen. It also depends on what is in the kitchen. Like an iCombi Pro. Which also has intelligent baking processes for savoury baked goods that will produce your desired result. Which intelligently works with your new ideas – continuing to produce perfect results. Guaranteed.

A quality promise. High quality and consistent results. Produced efficiently, served deliciously.

Sweet temptations.

All a matter of organisation.

You don’t have to be a pastry chef to create pastry chef quality. An iCombi Pro is quite sufficient to assist with this. Chocolate cake, New York cheesecake, muffins, cookies. Yeast dough, puff pastry, choux pastry, shortcrust pastry. Fresh or frozen. The iCookingSuite, the baking intelligence in the iCombi Pro, knows it all, can do it all and does it all. Enter the desired result, start the baking process, done. Again and again, always with the same quality.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Stand out from the rest, spoil your customers with quality. Without additional equipment.

The same high-quality result at all times: core probe in the dough, select browning – done. Now that’s intelligent.

Mixed loading.

The freshness your customers see, smell and taste.

The requirement – to offer a comprehensive variety that is always fresh. Is it not the right time for an investment? That’s what the iCombi Pro is for. With iProductionManager. So that you can make different baked goods in the same cooking cabinet. At the same time successively on a rolling basis, however you want. However you want. The iProductionManager monitors every tray with precision to the second, adjusts the baking time to the load size, controls the number and duration of door openings and automatically notifies the user once the baked goods are ready. With visual signalling of the tray as well.

This is how you benefit: You save time and you don’t lose quality. With no additional work, no checking. With full flexibility.

Mixed loading: Simply drag the ticket to the desired tray slot and the iCombi Pro will start working.


The right ingredients for your success.

It has to be robust enough to endure hard daily use. At RATIONAL this applies to the baking trays and the grill and pizza trays, even the condensation hood. It is only with the original RATIONAL gastronorm and baker’s standard accessories that you can get outstanding performance from the iCombi Pro from its entire range of applications. Muffins, breads and other baked goods will come out beautifully. Even a flan keeps its shape.

Roasting and baking tray.

For the preparation of bread rolls, croissants, Danish pastries and pan-fried items. Uniformly browned, moist and with a nice crust. The punched tray is for convenience products.

Roasting and baking tray details

Granite-enamelled container.

With fully contoured corners, so that no portions of cakes or baked dishes are lost. Thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity, the products are browned uniformly.

Granite-enamelled containe details

Grill and pizza tray.

For fresh or convenience pizza, tartes flambées and traditional flatbreads. With optimal browning and crispness every time.

Grill and pizza tray details

Roasting and baking pan.

For classic pan dishes such as hash browns, tortilla, quiches or pancakes. Or even for small cakes like tartes tatin. Always with uniform browning over the bottom of the product.

Roasting and baking pan details

Muffin and timbale mould.

Made from highly flexible material and has the optimal non-stick properties for the preparation of muffins, bread pudding, plus vegetable quiches, fish timbales, poached eggs and desserts.

Muffin and timbale mould details

Original RATIONAL Accessories.

We also have the sophisticated accessories to thank for such impressive results.

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