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More performance with less consumption. You will save on a large number of cooking appliances, therefore reducing your investment costs. Also, you will use less raw materials, fat and energy and therefore requiring fewer resources. With environmentally-certified production, energy-efficient sales logistics and phosphate-free cleaner, you can make a stand for sustainable standards and keep your conscience clear.

See for yourself.
The example is based on a restaurant with 200 meals per day using two iCombi Classic 10-1/1. The comparison unit does not have ClimaPlus.

Your profit Calculation approach per month Your additional earnings per month
Meat / Fish / Poultry
Reduced shrinkage on roasting cuts the use of raw materials by up to 25 %*.
Cost of goods
766,210 INR
Cost of goods with iCombi Classic
574,658 INR
= 191,552 INR
With short pre-heating times and modern control technology, your energy costs are reduced by up to 70 %*.
6,300 kWh × 7.15 INR per kWhConsumption with iCombi Classic
6,300 kWh × 7.15 INR per kWh
= 31,532 INR
Fat becomes almost virtually unnecessary. Your purchasing and disposal costs for fat are reduced by up to 95 %
Cost of goods
3,684 INR
Cost of goods with iCombi Classic
3,684 INR
= 3,500 INR
Working time
Savings from pre-production, ease of use and automatic cleaning.
70 fewer hours × 873 INR = 61,110 INR
Water softening / descaling
Automatic cleaning and descaling make these costs completely unnecessary.
Conventional costs
4,407 INR
Costs with iCombi Classic
= £51
Your extra earnings per month = 292,101 INR
Your extra earnings per year   = 3,505,212 INR

* Compared to conventional cooking technology.
** Compound calculation based on an hourly rate for chef/cleaning staff.