You can look at it from any angle you want,

the numbers work.


The iCombi Pro does not only cook intelligently but also saves intelligently. For example, with up to 70 %* lower energy consumption, up to 60 %* less working time, more than 30 %* less space requirement, up to 25 %* lower cost of goods, up to 95 %* lower consumption of fat.

Your profit Calculation approach per month Your additional earnings per month
Meat / Fish / Poultry
An average of 25 %* less raw materials
purchased thanks to precise regulation and
Cost of goods
766,210 INR
Cost of goods with iCombi Pro
574,658 INR

= 191,552 INR

The unique cooking performance,
iProductionManager and state of the art
control technology consume up to 70 %*
less energy.
6,300 kWh × 7.15 INR per kWhConsumption with iCombi Pro
1,890 kWh × 7.15 INR per kWh
= 31,532 INR
There is almost no need for fat.
Procurement and disposal costs for fat are
reduced by up to 95 %*.
Cost of goods
3,684 INR
Cost of goods with iCombi Pro
184 INR

= 3,500 INR

Working time
iProductionManager reduces production
time by up to 60 %*. No more routine tasks
with iCookingSuite.
120 fewer hours × 873 INR = 104,760 INR
Water softening / descaling
These costs are eliminated entirely with
Conventional costs
4,407 INR
Costs with iCombi Pro

= 4,407 INR

Your extra earnings per month = 335,751 INR
Your extra earnings per year   = 4,029,012 INR

The average hotel restaurant with 200 meals per day with two iCombi Pro 10-1/1.

* Compared to conventional kitchen technology without combi-steamers.