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Butler Cook & Hold Ovens (Slow Cooking)

The Butler Coddle is designed for two different applications:

Holding the food after cooking
Specifically developed for cooking food and keeping it hot, the Butler Coddle comes with a PCB control system can ensures food is ready to be served at optimal temperature for longer periods. Although it is recommended that the ideal holding time should be less than three hours, but this time period could be exceeded. You can prepare your favourite dishes before the arrival of your guests and then place the food into this oven and maintain its ideal inner temperature.

Food preparation at low temperature over a longer time (overnight cooking or roasting)
Slow cooking at low temperature is gaining popularity among professional chefs. The Butler Coddle makes slow cooking and production of the desired level of quality cooking/roasting possible without the bother of being constantly overseen by the of cooking staff. Moreover, you can achieve perfect cooking and minimal weight loss.


Key Features:

  • Designed for preparing or regenerating food through an accurately set and controlled process of upto 10 hours
  • Cook the core part of the food perfectly
  • High quality rubber door seal ensures perfect cooking
  • Oven chamber is heated on 3 sides by a specially designed adhesive silicone heater uniformly distributing the heat throughout the chamber
  • Energy efficient due to extra insulation around the chamber;
  • Seamless oven chamber with rounded corners; easy to clean
  • Temperature adjustable by multiples of 1°C; oven chamber 0 to 110°C, core temperature and keep warm 0 to 100°C;
  • Digital setting , easy to control by buttons
  • Stainless steel wiring grid for trays, suitable for GN 1/1 size pan, grids and trays as well as 600x400mm bakery trays, on 3 levels.


Key Features

Model: Coddle
Rated Input Power: 1.2KW
Dimensions (WxDxH): 691x497x415 mm
Capacity: 3 units of 400*600mm trays
Electricals:220V / 50 Hz./1Ph
Net Weight:33 Kg.

Customer Care: +91-7303166766