Mini Cart


These stunning displays come with an elegant glass lid on a stainless steel base that houses the refrigeration system and have a digital temperature indicator. It comes with 4 x 5L pans. However, you have the flexibility to display more flavours of ice cream or gelato by using GN 1/6 pans (not supplied with the machine). The NEU model comes with a curved glass lid and the Premia has a stunning flat glass lid. Both are aided by a pair of strong hydraulic hinges for ease of lifting/opening. Both the models also come with a stylish LED lighting to perk up the displayed foodstuff and are ideal for self service applications such as outdoor catering and buffets. The scooping displays can be placed on a counter or carefully planned as a drop-in.


Model: DTF-4 NEU

Pans: 4 x (360*165*115mm)

Dimensions W*D*H (mm): 867*735*446

Volume (Litres): 77

Temperature Range (°C): -18~-22

Refrigerant: R 290

Power (Watts): 210

Customer Care: +91-7303166766