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Butler Professional Compact Combi Steamers combine compactness and performance. With their 51 cm width, these compact ovens will find space in every kitchen. Convenient also as support ovens, they can accommodate 4 trays of GN 2/3, with touch screen or analogic control panel options. With the cooking chamber moulded with rounded corners and fans made of stainless steel, they come with an autoreverse ventilation system with two speeds to ensure better cooking uniformity. They also feature a steam release valve with manual or automatic control and the drip-pan is connected to the drain.

  • Professional Compact ovens are stackable on top of each other, so that you can fully exploit the precious space in your kitchen.
  • With the ergonomic door handle with patented design you can open the oven even with your hands occupied, from both sides.
  • Operable on single phase 220V electricals.
  • Door opening direction reversible on site even after installation.


Model: ECS-004A

Power: 3.0Kw

Voltage: 220v 1N/50Hz

Tray Compatibility – 4 GN 2/3 Trays (354x325mm)

External Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 510 x 660 x 670

Control Panel: Analog


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