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Premium Materials. The metal body is designed with highly resistant, high-quality, and durable materials, including die-cast aluminum and steel. Coffee groups are positioned away from the steam wands and placed in the center of the machine. The machine has been designed to be more compact with a reduction in weight, approximately 30% less than the previous model. Discover the new espresso platform that enables you to quickly create different recipes. Stable yet easily removable. The steam wands are designed to facilitate the barista’s workflow during peak hours, preventing burns thanks to Cold Touch technology.

A completely redesigned and innovative interface. A tempered glass panel and a highly technological full-touch capacitive keypad that offers flexibility, speed, and ease of use. The width and inclination of the panel improve the ergonomics and workflow of the operator. Interaction is simple and fast thanks to the fully customizable interface, both in the variety and quantity of programmable recipes and in the display/icons.

The revolution comes from within, from the highly energy-efficient LaCimbali thermal system. An alternative to LaCimbali’s ‘historic’ heat exchanger system.
Not different temperatures for each coffee group, but an innovative and sustainable centralized heating that ensures:

  • high repeatability of dispensing temperature;
  • the possibility to dispense at lower temperatures without affecting the effectiveness of other services – steam and hot water.
  • immediate selection of temperature, on the display, based on the chosen blend/single origin.
  • -54% Ignition Time Only 6 minutes compared to M39 DOSATRON, based on internal testing standards
  • -70% First heating consumption compared to M39 DOSATRON, based on internal testing standards
  • -75% “Ready to use” mode consumption compared to M39 DOSATRON, based on internal testing standards
  • -51% Environmental impact result of the reduction in “Product Usage” energy consumption (kg CO2-Eq.), without considering the contributions of production and disposal of the product.


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