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General Hygiene

Restaurants, hotels, clubs, salons and business lounges are now ready for exploring technological interventions that may enhance guest hygiene perceptibly at all the touch points with their guests.

UV Multipurpose Sterilisers

Butler UV Multipurpose Steriliser is a versatile product that can sterilise a vast variety of items. You can now treat wet towels with ultra violet
light and high temperature and present healthier, cleaner and disinfected towels to your customers. UV sanitising function kills up to 99.9% of bacteria. They are also designed to kill germs and allow sterilisation of masks. Ideal for restaurants, salons, business lounges, meeting rooms and other health care applications. Independent use of the UV function allows you to disinfect currency notes and small packages also.

Key Features:

  • Use of UV & high temperature ensures comprehensive cleaning, warming and disinfection
  • Equipped with water tray and interior towel rack
  • Warms towels up to 75 degree C
  • Holds up to 70 facial/hand towels
  • Sterilisation time: 25 minutes
  • The UV light automatically switches off in case the door is opened
  • Independent control for UV and warming function


Model: UVS-20
Dimensions (mm) WxDXH: 450 x 285 x 330
Electricals: 220V
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Heating Power (W): 180
Sterilization Power (W): 6
Temperatures (°C): 75°C ± 10°C
Capacity (L): 20
Weight (Kg): 7.5


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