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Wonder Toast Roller

High Performance Pass Through Bun Toaster

Wonder Toast from Butler is an ideal choice for toasting of buns, bagels and more. This compact & space-saving vertical pass through toaster allows you to toast between 900 – 1400 bun or bagel halves per hour. A strong motor and higher temperature platen increase performance, that caramelizes the bread by sealing in the moisture without drying it out. They operate with an adjustable temperature and conveyor speed control that enables precise and consistent toasting. The Wonder Toast Roller model comes with a roller for conveniently buttering the buns before toasting.


Key Features

  • Slim design saves counter space
  • Customize products with adjustable toast times
  • Digital display and simple controls make for consistent settings
  • Easy to clean with simple-to-remove conveyor
  • Dual compression adjustment knobs allow for maximum product flexibility
  • Accommodates all buns up to 5.5” in diameter
  • Easy to remove catch tray


Technical Specification

Model: Wonder Toast Roller

Rated Power: 2800W

Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz, 1Ph

Dimensions (WxDxH): 635x560x500 mm

Weight: 28Kgs

Customer Care: +91-7303166766