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Butler professional combi steamers bring an amazing reliability consistency and sturdiness at a chef’s service through the use of an authentic Made in Italy product. Ovens with direct steam injection are available from 7 to 20 levels (GN 1/1 and EN) with Analog or Touch screen controls. They come in electric and gas variants with crosswise insertion of the trays, meant for chefs who expect the optimal performances both in gastronomy and pastry cooking. Butler combi steamers help you achieve perfectly even cooking results on every tray, at any level. More importantly, they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Key Features

  1. Control panels: Simple, efficient and intuitive controls. Possibility to choose between Analog controls, Touch Screen and Multi Level Cooking
  2. Ergonomic door hand with opening from both sides and double snap safety lock (optional)
  3. Cooking chamber molded cavity in stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners
  4. Steam release valve: manual or automatic control
  5. Spotless chamber washing (with Touch Control Panel & Multi Level Cooking models)
  6. Tray holders to fit both GN 1/1 and EN trays
  7. Well-lit interiors
  8. Pitch: 67 mm


Multi Level Cooking

This feature on models ECS-007TM, GCS-007TM, ECS-012TM and GCS-012TM optimises food production during mise en place and is really handy for à la carte cooking. It allows for effective cooking of mix loads, thereby offering flexibility and speedy response. You can use each rack individually for production, increase utilisation through the use of clever mixed loads and save on both – time and energy.


Model – GCS-012TM

Power – 0.6Kw

Voltage – 230v 1N/50Hz

Gas Power – 20.0Kw

Gas Consumption – 1.617 Kg/hr

Tray Compatibility – 12 GN 1/1 Trays (530 x 325mm), 12 EN Trays (600 x 400mm)

External Dimensions W x D x H (mm) – 840 x 996 x 1275

Control Panel – Touch Screen

Weight – 150kgs


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