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GDO-1D-2T Premia

Butler Electric & Gas based Deck Ovens come in two variants – EFO/GFO series with microcomputer controller &  steam generator and EDO/GDO series without steam. The outer cabinet of both variants is finished in brushed stainless. They are specially designed for baking bread, cakes, pastries and more. Using infrared radiant heating tube, they bake the food rapidly and uniformly. The required temperature can be set up to 300 degree C and controlled automatically. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, bakehouses and bread shops, the single deck oven can take 2 EN trays, the 2 Deck Ovens can take 4 EN trays and the 3 Deck Ovens can accommodate 6 EN trays.

Key Features

  • Model : GDO-1D-2T Premia
  • Gas Pressure : 2800 (Pa)
  • Electrical Power : 60W
  • Gas Consumption : 300g/hr
  • Weight : 135KG
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) : 1340 x 900 x 660mm
  • Electrical : 1-220V / 50Hz
  • Temperature : 0 ~ 400°C
  • Trays : 2 x EN Trays


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