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Gusto 400G

Conveyorised Hot Air Impingment Ovens

The Butler Gusto Hot Air Conveyor Ovens bake faster and at a lower temperature than other ovens. Hot air moves the heat aerodynamically instead of using high temperatures. The streams of hot air remove the surrounding layers of cool heavy air around the foodstuff. Gusto ovens are designed to cook a wide range of products including pizza, breads, sandwiches, bagels, naans, sea food and more. They offer a premier countertop or a floor standing cooking platform for cloud kitchens, busy pizzerias and restaurants. Available in a choice of electric and gas versions, they utilise a choice of conveyor belt widths from 400 mm to 800mm.


Gusto 400G
The Countertop Impingers

This countertop impinger from Butler comes with a 400mm wide belt and a 460 mm x 400 mm baking chamber and can bake upto 15” pizzas. The oven can be made to run either on 240V/ single phase or 380V/3 phase electricals. The oven is also designed to cook a variety of other products including bagels, garlic breads, omelettes, sea food and ethnic Indian foods like naans, crisp rotis, kebabs and more.


Standard Features

  • Maximum operating temperature: 300°C (230°C is recommended)
  • Short set-up time: (10-12 mins to set temp. 230°C ) under preheat condition, only 5-7 mins
  • Low noise
  • 460 mm long cooking chamber with 400 mm belt
  • 1065mm long, 850mm deep, and 450mm high overall dimensions
  • Furnished with 4” legs
  • Stackable up to three high
  • Microprocessor-controlled bake time/conveyor speed
  • Stainless steel front, sides, top and interior
  • Reversible conveyor direction
  • Energy saving standby mode
  • 2 conveyor end stops
  • 2 crumb pans


Optional Features

  • Stand with casters



  • Butler Gusto Ovens are designed for easy cleaning. Removable parts include: crumb pans, end panels, air fingers, exit tray, and a removable conveyor belt assembly.



  • Use of a ventilation hood is recommended.


Model: GUSTO- 400G
Gas: LPG / PNG
Input Electricity: 220V, 50/60Hz
Gas Pressure (kpa): 2.3-3.3 / 1.0-2.5
Gas Consumption (m³/hr): 0.31 / 0.7
Dimension L*W*H (MM): 1070*850*450
Volume (M³): 0.39
Conveyor size (MM): 1055*400
Calorie (Kcal/h): 7300
Baking Chamber Dimensions (MM): 460 x 400
Output pcs (9” pizza): 20/hr
Net weight (KG): 106

Customer Care: +91-7303166766