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Quattro is a professional machine that offers the market a new architecture of coffee machine reinterpreting two classic ideas, the machine with open groups and the covered groups, both strongly characterizing the entire panorama of the current espresso coffee machines. The architecture of Quattro offers the advantages of the current machines with covered groups (use of displays and keyboards on top
of the group) with the charm of open group machines (visible mechanics). Thanks to its new architecture, Quattro is a light weighted practical machine on the counter that allows easy insertion of the filter-holder while maintaining a large control panel above the group.



  • Electrical heating
  • Boiler pressure control gauge
  • Electric control
  • Temperature probe
  • Programmable hot water doses
  • Built-in Pump
  • Pump pressure control gauge
  • Programmable coffee doses
  • Programmable pre-infusion for all groups
  • Programmable boiler temperature
  • Friendly display


Technical Specifications

Model – Quattro
Boiler capacity (litres) – 12.0
Dimensions W X D X H (mm) – 790x610x538
Power – 3.5KW
Electricals – 220-240V / 50Hz / 1Phase
Weight (kg) – 75.0


Customer Care: +91-7303166766