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VC-451 Copper Plus

Visi Coolers – Copper Plus Series

In the world of refrigeration, Copper is the Gold Standard.The new Copper Plus series visi coolers from Trufrost are a cut above the rest. These coolers are built with copper in the compressor and forced air evaporator and condenser with copper tubes. Other features include a special Low-E glass on the doors and durable aluminium door frames tested for 3,00,000 openings/closings. A comprehensive set of superior features of the Copper Plus series is described on the next page. These innovative cooling displays are available in 380 to 1200 litre capacities and single or double door variants.


Key Features – Copper Plus Series

Here is how the new Copper Plus Series Visi Coolers from Trufrost
offer unmatched features over ordinary showcases available in
the market:

  • Copper in the compressor and forced air evaporator and condenser with copper tubes and aluminium fins that result in:
    • Reduced power consumption and improved cooling capacity
    • 30% faster cooling
    • Improved life of compressor due to lower operating condensing pressure and temperature, even at high ambient temperature
  • Low-E (Low-Emissivity) glass for supreme insulating power and consequent energy savings and reduced condensation even under high humidity
  • Double tempered 4mm glass
  • Designed to work in super tropical extreme conditions; tested for D Condition.
  • Higher CFM indoor fan for faster and uniform cooling
  • IP67 compliant LED Driver and LED Strips for better illumination
  • Durable aluminium door frame tested for 3,00,000 openings/ closings
  • Heat exchanger in the discharge tube for evaporating drain water
  • Copper ball bearing with service free sealed IP68 Motor


Model: VC-451 Copper Plus

Gross Volume (Litres): 410

Dimensions w x d x h (mm): 583 x 715 x 1792

Temperature Range: 2 – 8°C

Power (w): 284

Lock: Yes

Defrost: Automatic

No. of Lids / Doors: 1

No. of shelves: 4

Interior Light: LED light

Wheels / Castors: Yes

No. of Compressors: 1

Refrigerant: R134a

Customer Care: +91-7303166766