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Trufrost Blast Chillers / Freezers are ideal for bringing the temperature of cooked food from 90°C to +3°C or – 18°C rapidly thereby safe-guarding it from bacterial growth and rendering it fit for subsequent storage and consumption. Designed to accommodate 5 trays, this model is suitable for both GN 1/1 and EN 400x 600 mm tray sizes.


Model: BCF-5

Cooling System: Ventilated

Product Dimensions W*D*H (mm): 800*800*990

No. of Shelves: 5

Pan Support: GN 1/1 & EN 400 x 600

Chilling Capacity: +70°C to +3°C 20kgs in 90mins

Freezing Capacity: +70°C to -18°C 15kgs in 240mins

Refrigerant: R404a

Input Power (Watts): 760


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